Outdoor Blinds

Why should you choose the company ROLLO s.r.o.? Because our company produces purely Czech and high-quality outdoor blinds, pre-shutters, awnings, plastic windows and doors. Take advantage of the website of our shop and convince yourself.

Outdoor Blinds

Are you selecting outdoor blinds? Do you want a quality Czech product and good price? Wondering what blinds to choose? Contact us and we will gladly advise you. Our top priority is a satisfied customer who will return to us repeatedly.
Technical descriptions

Are you interested in schematics and technical descriptions for outdoor blinds, pre-shutters, awnings, plastic windows and doors? Visit our Downloads section of our website, where we have prepared an offer of various wiring diagrams. Thank you for the trust and time you have devoted us.

Founding Ltd.

Are you thinking about creating a new company, but you have no experience with founding companies? Do you not understand for you the unnecessary papers that you have to fill and it is a Spanish village for you? Still yes, that let the Foundation Ltd. on us. We like to take the dirty work for you and you can start building your company in a few days.
With us everything will go as after butter, do not be embarrassing with unnecessary papers that are not sufficiently understandable and leave the foundation of the Ltd. to the specialists in the field. We are the company for which the foundation of the Ltd. is a banalytical and simple matter and wants to help you at the very beginning of your new and better life.
Don't be afraid to fill the papers, give them to us!
Say goodbye to your nightmares about how you are filling up the papers you need to fill out to create new guilds, throw away these nightmare and pass on a large amount of paper to us and let you dream just about how your company is prospying.

Make a good impression at a glance

Do you know that, depending on how you look, you're in the neighborhood? Nowadays, it's very important how you walk clothes, so choose a boutique in which to shop. You will not undervalue your selection by reviewing our online clothing offer! You will surely be attracted by women's jackets from a wide range of products. They are suitable for any occasion. We offer dozens of different types.
With our outfit you will look wonderful
A woman is born to be a parádnice and will want to enjoy its surroundings. See the offer in our boutique. We offer you beautiful winter jackets, in which you will feel good and confident. They are elaborated into the last detail, which is adorned with every single piece. Our offer is full of winter and spring models.


Our company has always been betting on good references of an ever-growing number of satisfied customers. Therefore, our loyal clients always offer advantageous actions that can reach you. A wide range of products and discounted offers under one roof do not find anywhere else than with us. Our indoor and outdoor wooden blinds throughout the Czech Republic are the best form of evaluation of our products and work done. Thank you for the trust and time you have devoted us.
Enter your inquiry
Do you want to Ininterior or Countrywooden rolesaccording to your wishes? We require modern and quality products. For us this is not a problem, but a challenge. You tell us what they should be and enter your inquiry. We will fulfill your wishes. Our products meet European standards. The professional team will advise you at any time and will help you choose from a wide range of our shop. We have something to offer you.

Mácha Lake

Are you looking forward to a summer full of summer pleasures and wondering where to enjoy it? Mácha Lake is a very popular place for us in Bohemia, where many people like to return year after year. It's really beautiful here, and there are many activities for both children and adults, even when the weather is bad.

Mácha Lake offers accommodation in a pine forest in Staré splavy, a 15-minute walk to the lake. The four-bed chalets are equipped with a refrigerator. If you want a holiday with a meal, there is a possibility to buy half board. The settlement is followed by a restaurant together with a dining room.

What else do you find here

The camp has shared sanitary facilities, and there are climbing frames, swing, sand pit and slide, near the trampoline. Adults can play mini golf, go karts, bicycles or you can take a ride with a steamer and see Mácha's lake and its surroundings.

We rob the radosť

We recently had a boli on the grandma's sister's visit. Moja grandma Bohužiaľ this year in winter Zomrela, so teraz we walk at least we find aunt. It's weird that NIE's already here. Mala Domček Next Vedľa, so we see the interests of the Okien and Moja mom to the top Chodievala almost denne. We were helping him at home. They wore a drevo and a uhlie on Kúrenie. And Niekedy AJ together with our mom lobby Obed. Akurát it sometimes bolo a little with quarts, so that each of them had the inú of the present and could not have been. I'm afraid we'll be in the same room. It was a very simple nature.
Memorial of
Aunt already Veľa Spomína to is mladosť and ja I have a council, a cache of old Timoch. Veľa calls on the collection of the parents, the inborn, but the head of a svojom to the husband, the boy here already Dlho nie is. Mali's life had been a sithe, but it was a very good time to make it to only. So they built a house together, and in the Ktorý sa im born a beautiful children. It was almost a good thing, but Napriek was able to raise it well. The father made a pin, and there were a few things pre-granny. So žiadne prebaľovacie counters, playpen or the Veľká set of toys is our children today. She calls herself not to say that Im niečo chýbalo. The main is that Mali Radi.

Accommodation in the mountains only in our country

Surely every year you think: "Where would we just go on holiday?" But the answer is simple. Well, the mountains! Thanks to our servicesmountain accommodation you have the possibility of accommodation all over the Czech Republic in popular chalets and guesthouses in the most famous tourist resorts.
The offer of our destinations is really, but really wide. If you want to visit the Czech mountain region, you can choose from several dozen destinations. Orlic Mountains, Šumava, Jizera Mountains, Jeseníky or giant mountains. This is just a tasting of our offer of mountain accommodation thanks to which you can get to know the beauties and melts our wonderful country.
Popular destinations
The mountains of the accommodation are in the most famous and unpopular tourist resorts. Just prepare properly and you can hit the mountains or wherever you like. Sport, hiking and nature. The main three elements of every successful holiday, which is still remembered for a long time. This is exactly what our unique offer offers you.

Preparation of ice cream from premium ingredients

Are you interested in recipes for delicious ice cream cups, in which the ice cream just floes on the tongue? Check out our website, here you can see a sample of our excellent recipes and find inspiration for your own production.

Our recipes are proven years, we know what the most tasty and inspiring customers. Also try to look and see that ice creams and cups belong to each other inseparably. It is a real refreshment and will make a great mood. Especially the children are always happy to enjoy it.

Excellent cups

The cup should be not only a taste of delicacies, but it should also flatter the eye. When everything is beautifully arranged, it tastes much better. Don't believe? Come to us and taste, you will find out how very important it is and you are sure to return again soon. The ice cream from us is unforgettable.

Varied menu of ice cream delicacies

Delicious pleasure for both small and large. Ice cream and the way it is consumed offer a varied range of options to enjoy the resulting taste of the flavour it offers.

It is available in every store, especially in summer, you find places where it is available and then you are faced with a dilemma, which its form or flavor you choose at the moment. Each of us prefers a different taste, but also the way of its consumption. There are different types of biscuits in the form of cups and cornages, chiseling can be a small spoon or taste topping or a sprinkled mixture of fruit or nuts. All this you can buy from our assortment. In addition, our ice cream will delight your taste buds because you can choose from several different flavours and flavors.
Feel free to convince yourself

Choose our ice cream and you will know what enjoyment our ice cream can indulge you.

We focus on the offer of wooden floors

Do you renovate and find out that your wooden floors want to be renovated or just decided to change? Then you are at the right address.

We focus on the offer of wooden floors, their maintenance, or repair and, of course, the actual realization of the installation. Wooden floors are chosen by all those who want to avoid as much investment as possible for their subsequent maintenance, or fear that the chosen species will soon be in the window. As we all know, wood is a material that lightly does not undergo any mechanical damage, keeps the same shape, brings us into the interior an element of nature, which feels warm and, moreover, aesthetic impression. So it is really about the material that lasts forever and with proper maintenance, we do not expect any complications in the form of repairs or subsequent undesirable defects.
The choice you welcome

Wooden floors are the choice you will not be in. Choose from a variety of options that you can select for your interior. It doesn't matter if you are a fan of current trends and bamboo flooring will be your winner, or you are a conservator who puts on proven quality in the form of parquet, we offer all these kinds of products and we will be pleased with you, among other things, to pass your questions or we advise you, Which floor can meet your expectations.