Dietary supplement during menopause

You may know that the consumption of soy and soybean products is preventative against hot flushes and night sweats in women who begin menopause. The phytoestrogens, which are contained in tofu, soy milk and other soybean foods, are similar to the female sex hormones of estrogens and seem to have similar effects.
Some of you opt for hormone replacement therapy, but others will turn to natural remedies because of the fear of joining hormonal treatments with the possibility of developing breast cancer. Natural treatment also has a beneficial effect in women whose menopause has not fully broken, we are talking about the so-called. Perimenopausal.
What else can you do
Avoid chocolate, coffee, spicy diet and alcohol-all this can provoke flushing. Exercise regularly-it can help in the prevention of heart disease. Exercise with a load can benefit your bones. But mainly visit our and study the site! The menopause must not limit you!