Outdoor Blinds

Why should you choose the company ROLLO s.r.o.? Because our company produces purely Czech and high-quality outdoor blinds, pre-shutters, awnings, plastic windows and doors. Take advantage of the website of our shop and convince yourself. Outdoor Blinds Are you selecting outdoor blinds? Do you want a quality Czech product and good price? Wondering what blinds […]

Founding Ltd.

Are you thinking about creating a new company, but you have no experience with founding companies? Do you not understand for you the unnecessary papers that you have to fill and it is a Spanish village for you? Still yes, that let the Foundation Ltd. on us. We like to take the dirty work for […]

Make a good impression at a glance

Do you know that, depending on how you look, you're in the neighborhood? Nowadays, it's very important how you walk clothes, so choose a boutique in which to shop. You will not undervalue your selection by reviewing our online clothing offer! You will surely be attracted by women's jackets from a wide range of products. […]


Our company has always been betting on good references of an ever-growing number of satisfied customers. Therefore, our loyal clients always offer advantageous actions that can reach you. A wide range of products and discounted offers under one roof do not find anywhere else than with us. Our indoor and outdoor wooden blinds throughout the […]

Mácha Lake

Are you looking forward to a summer full of summer pleasures and wondering where to enjoy it? Mácha Lake is a very popular place for us in Bohemia, where many people like to return year after year. It's really beautiful here, and there are many activities for both children and adults, even when the weather […]

We rob the radosť

We recently had a boli on the grandma's sister's visit. Moja grandma Bohužiaľ this year in winter Zomrela, so teraz we walk at least we find aunt. It's weird that NIE's already here. Mala Domček Next Vedľa, so we see the interests of the Okien and Moja mom to the top Chodievala almost denne. We […]

Accommodation in the mountains only in our country

Surely every year you think: "Where would we just go on holiday?" But the answer is simple. Well, the mountains! Thanks to our servicesmountain accommodation you have the possibility of accommodation all over the Czech Republic in popular chalets and guesthouses in the most famous tourist resorts. The offer of our destinations is really, but […]

Preparation of ice cream from premium ingredients

Are you interested in recipes for delicious ice cream cups, in which the ice cream just floes on the tongue? Check out our website, here you can see a sample of our excellent recipes and find inspiration for your own production. Our recipes are proven years, we know what the most tasty and inspiring customers. […]

Varied menu of ice cream delicacies

Delicious pleasure for both small and large. Ice cream and the way it is consumed offer a varied range of options to enjoy the resulting taste of the flavour it offers. It is available in every store, especially in summer, you find places where it is available and then you are faced with a dilemma, […]

We focus on the offer of wooden floors

Do you renovate and find out that your wooden floors want to be renovated or just decided to change? Then you are at the right address. We focus on the offer of wooden floors, their maintenance, or repair and, of course, the actual realization of the installation. Wooden floors are chosen by all those who […]