Tomorrow you have a big day, you are going for your dream new car

Volkswagen has acquired all your sympathy immediately. You knew that this brand offers a lot of luxury models. But you never thought you had one day enough money to buy a perfect car from this brand. You've worked hard and earned a promotion at work. You have even received a huge reward and even your boss has also raised your salary. That's why you could afford a new car. You're going to pick him up tomorrow. You're probably not sleeping at all tonight.
The surprise for the whole family is already hidden in the garage under the sail
Volkswagen has pleasantly surprised you. Finally, you chose this brand. You didn't want to underestimate the choice of a new car. You have visited several car dealers right away. Finally, you chose this familiar brand. You have managed to hide the new car in your garage. It will be a surprise for the whole family. You are very excited about how you will observe their reactions.