We rob the radosť

We recently had a boli on the grandma's sister's visit. Moja grandma Bohužiaľ this year in winter Zomrela, so teraz we walk at least we find aunt. It's weird that NIE's already here. Mala Domček Next Vedľa, so we see the interests of the Okien and Moja mom to the top Chodievala almost denne. We were helping him at home. They wore a drevo and a uhlie on Kúrenie. And Niekedy AJ together with our mom lobby Obed. Akurát it sometimes bolo a little with quarts, so that each of them had the inú of the present and could not have been. I'm afraid we'll be in the same room. It was a very simple nature.
Memorial of
Aunt already Veľa Spomína to is mladosť and ja I have a council, a cache of old Timoch. Veľa calls on the collection of the parents, the inborn, but the head of a svojom to the husband, the boy here already Dlho nie is. Mali's life had been a sithe, but it was a very good time to make it to only. So they built a house together, and in the Ktorý sa im born a beautiful children. It was almost a good thing, but Napriek was able to raise it well. The father made a pin, and there were a few things pre-granny. So žiadne prebaľovacie counters, playpen or the Veľká set of toys is our children today. She calls herself not to say that Im niečo chýbalo. The main is that Mali Radi.

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